2" High Pressure Pump

Pump Specifications
Height 759 mm (29.9")
Width 490 mm (19.3")
Depth 546 mm (21.5")
Est. Ship Weight S/Steel 128 kg (283 lbs)
Air Inlet 19 mm (3/4")
Inlet 51 mm (2")
Outlet 51 mm (2")
Suction Lift Dry 3.7 m (12.0')
Suction Lift Wet9.0 m (29.5')
Displacement/Stroke 1.67 L (0.44 gal.)
Max. Flow Rate 360 lpm (95 gpm)
Max. Size Solids 12.7 mm (1/2")
Price on application
H800 high pressure pump

The high pressure pump is designed for heavy or viscous liquid situations, where flow rate is sacrificed for a greater pressure in order to move your product. The high pressure pumps still run on a standard air supply, but they use a ratio air valve to boost up the internal pressure to give some extreme figures! Check the specs to below.

Design Features

  • Rugged ductile iron bolted construction
  • NEW ringed air valve piston for added on/off reliability and life
  • DIN or ANSI compatible flanges
  • Retrofitable to current H800 Stainless Steel models (fluid connections and footprint)
  • Fewer fasteners and single socket build (SSB) for the wetted path

Performance Specifics

  • Lube-free operation
  • Max. flow rate is 360 lpm (95 gpm)
  • Max. air pressure is 5.9 bar (85 psig)
  • Max. discharge pressure is 17.2 bar (250 psig)